FOR SALE Dacia Stepway TCE 0.9

Part of the Sandero range, manufactured by Renault. Registered in August 2015 the car still has over a year guarantee from the Renault garage.
Only 15.000 km on the clock, fully serviced with plug in parking camera, Bluetooth, hands free, usb stereo and full Sat Nav system. It has an eco-button so is very economical to run, stop / start system and a low SUMA tax rating so road tax is just 15€ a year.
Just valeted to get back that “new” feeling and name change included in the price.

For more details and viewing contact me on (0034) 633205978, email at or go into the Expat Solutions office in Consum Square, La Marina Urbanisation.

Found. One Cat ????

I am now in possession of One cat who seems to have found us.!!! He's white with light brown markings a white tail with ringed light brown .He has beautiful pale blue eyes.He's made himself right at home.Hes under nourished and needs a good wash but very friendly.Fed him,watered him but can't keep him.Can anyone help?

We will put the word out and hope that we can find his home. Good for you for taking him in and we will do our best.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-06 18:48:57 UTC

The cat is no longer with us.He went walkabout on Tuesday evening and hasn,t come back.

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2017-05-11 21:04:59 UTC

New law implemented to allow investors to claim their money back from banks.

Have you lost money on any investment in Spain and never thought you would ever see your money again?
Would you like a registered UK claims company to investigate on your behalf with NO UP FRONT FEE and your claim is based on a NO WIN NO FEE basis?
Very high success rate and fully recommended by ASL.
Contact: for further details.

La Marina


FIGURES RELEASED yesterday by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics reveal 9,344 people of UK nationality registered as living in the province, returned home last year.

The figures are the highest within the Valencia region and run for the full year ending December 31 2016.

The amount of British expatriates living in Alicante Province has shown a steady decline year on year ever since the financial crisis, which crippled the country in 2009.

However, last year saw the greatest exodus back to the UK, putting the amount of Britons living in the province back to the levels of 2004.

The statistics show at January 1 this year 63,010 UK nationals were registered as residing in Alicante province.

This still leaves British expatriates as the largest group of non-Spanish residents in the province, with a total of 16% of all foreign residents.

The report shows that the lack of purchasing power felt by UK nationals since the economic crisis has seen the Alicante population fall by over half since 2008, but the numbers accelerated last year following the Brexit referendum and the decision to leave the European Union.

Although the UK tops the list of people leaving, other nationalities also left the province to return home in significant numbers. German nationals were reduced by 3,054 and French by 354.

The figures show an increase in people moving into the Province from Algeria (144), Morocco (1,131) and Columbia (1,049), wheareas Argentina, Ecuador and Russia all saw decreases in population.

By contrast, the Chinese population continues to increase year on year since 1998, when the statistics were first introduced. There are currently 8,349 Chinese living in the province, an increase of 80 on last year.

Watch out, plods about!!

€750 for mobile chat at wheel under new Spanish driving laws.DRIVERS face fines of up to €750 for using a mobile phone while at the wheel from tomorrow (Saturday).

The fines are to be introduced following a controversial change to law that will allow all EU authorities to even trace overseas drivers for fines.

The new laws outlined cover eight offences including speeding, failing to stop at a red light, failing to wear a seatbelt and using a phone while driving.

Until now, foreign motorists could be fined in Spain only if they were stopped by police at the roadside or were in a hire car (where the company holds drivers’ personal details).

Under the new laws, from tomorrow Spain and all other EU nations will be able to obtain drivers’ details.

The Department for Transport in the UK has said it will seek to revoke the rules following Brexit in two years.

La Marina

At least the UK has seen sense by saying that this stupid rule will be revoked.
But saying that, when someone has lost a relative or close friend due to someone being totally wrecked behind the wheel, then a €750 fine
is an insult!

Commented twizzlemaid in La Rioja 2017-05-07 19:18:52 UTC

Why should the Dot want to reverse this? If you are caught anywhere within Europe, in my opinion the country in which the offence took place should be able to follow up and impose and collect the appropriate fine on the same basis as if the offender were a native of that country.

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2017-05-07 19:24:02 UTC

Relocating to Spain

Hi, my wife and I are thinking of making a move to LA Marina. We are a little concerned about such issues like healthcare. Do the Spanish NHS honour our. E111 cards now that we are set to leave europe? We have heard some stories from people that the Spanish authorities have been taking these cards from ex-pats without any explanation.
Does anyone have an opinion whether this is a good or bad time for Brits moving to Spain?
Where would be the best place? We have heard that LA Marina Urb is basically a massive housing estate. We do not want Blackpool with sunshine, any suggestions?

It is most definitely not Blackpool in the sun. I only visit there and have never seen a kiss-me-quick hat yet. It is a place to chill. Outside of the "season" you hear more yapping dogs than people at night. As for the Brexit thing, it is too early to tell. If you want lively give it a miss, but to chill take the leap

Commented silverfox1955 in La Marina 2017-02-26 13:35:55 UTC

Thanks for the comments Silverfox, it's just that we have heard some 'horror stories' about life in the sun. Wasn't sure if Brexit had kicked in as yet, anyway it may make no difference at all. We are due to come over soon so will get first hand experience. On another subject does anyone know when the Processionary Caterpillar season finishes as we are worried about our dogs?

Commented Bill Smyth in La Marina 2017-02-26 20:45:47 UTC

The old yapping dog syndrome rises its head again.!! That will never change,the dogs are far more important than peoples relaxation and sleep.All the people that complain can't all be wrong?

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2017-03-11 19:06:25 UTC

i havent got a (yappy) dog as you call them,but i would say someone with a dog who makes itself known is less likely to get burgled etc.

Commented exsas in La Marina 2017-03-12 16:51:39 UTC

Sorry,not sure who you are,I was actually addressing the comments from Silverfox1955.He has a very valid and fast increasing point,not really sure what continually yapping dogs throughout the night has to do with burglary. Not heard of any burglaries on the URB of late,I could be wrong though!!

Commented blarter222 in La Marina 2017-03-12 20:40:16 UTC

Hi Bill.
Hope you are well. Did you move to Spain? Be great to hear from you again and join in with us.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:42:52 UTC


Hello again.
Someone was asking about the Red days on the Quesada forum. So we thought it a good idea to post on yours :-)

Hi Bob.
Welcome to the ASL forum.
In answer to your question Red Days are public holidays in Spain.
Some are for just local areas and some are national.
Bars and restaurants are always open and the main super markets normally open in the mornings, but you will find the local smaller supermarkets will be open all day.
Here is the current list of RED DAYS for this year.

Sunday 1st January Año Nuevo New Year’s Day
Monday 2nd January - Public Holiday as New Years Day is on a Sunday.
Friday 6th January El Día de los Reyes Epiphany Day - Declared as a regional Holiday in all regions
Sunday 19th March San José St. Joseph’s Day
Monday Mar 20th March equinox Season- San Jose Local holiday(?)
Sunday Mar 26th Daylight Saving Time starts Clock change/Daylight Saving Time
Sunday Apr 9th Palm Sunday Observance
Thursday Apr 13th Maundy Thursday Common Local holiday
Friday Apr 14th Good Friday National holiday
Sunday April 16th Easter Sunday
Monday Apr 17th Easter Monday Common Local holidays
Sunday Apr 23rd St George's Day Local holiday (?)
Monday Apr 24th Day of Aragón Local holiday (?)
Monday 1st May Día del Trabajador Labour Day
Sunday May 7th Mothers' Day Observance
Sunday 16th July Virgen del Carmen Virgin Carmen Day
Tuesday 15th August Asunción Assumption
Monday 9th October Dia de la Comunitat Valenciana Day of the Valencian Community
Thursday 12th October Fiesta Nacional de España National Day of Spain
Wednesday 1st November Día de todos los Santos All Saints Day - National holiday
Wednesday 6th December Día de la Constitución Constitution Day - National holiday
Friday 8th December Inmaculada Concepción Immaculate Conception - National holiday
Monday 25th December Navidad Christmas Day - National holiday
Tuesday Dec 26th St Stephen's Day Local holiday
Sunday Dec 31st New Year's Eve Observance

La Marina

Barclay's Bank

Does anyone know where the nearest Barclay's Bank is?if in fact, there is one!! There was one in Quesada,but that's gone.


Hello to everyone in La Marina and those of us that love the place and of course to La Marina life its nice to be back in contact with everyone again, life has not been the same over the last few months without you all.
I see that the site has a lot more things to be added but at least we have our forum back. I would just like to ask everyone to get registered and tell everyone the forum is back so that we can build our on line community again, and so that I have some one to take to.

Commented twizzlemaid in La Rioja 2017-05-05 12:32:01 UTC

Little late in replying...sorry :-)
But Barclays have been taken over by Caxia bank, so no more Barclays bank..well certainly not in this area, unless someone knows different??

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:35:54 UTC


Our forum is now back online. We have also introduced an events calendar for you to use free of charge.
Please let your customers Old and New know what you have planned in the near future.
Karaoke nights, Bingo, Quiz night. Any event you have planned then let your customers know.
Also any of our users of the Forum would like to tell your local bar about us, then please do as it will help their trade
but more importantly, let you know what they have planned for the future, which you may want to join in the fun!

La Marina


Commented twizzlemaid in La Rioja 2017-05-05 12:31:14 UTC


Hello to everyone in La Marina and those of us that love the place and of course to La Marina life its nice to be back in contact with everyone again, life has not been the same over the last few months without you all.
I see that the site has a lot more things to be added but at least we have our forum back. I would just like to ask everyone to get registered and tell everyone the forum is back so that we can build our on line community again, and so that I have some one to take to.

Hi. We have recently moved from the UK ( just before the referendum) to La Marina. Lovely area with lots to do and lovely people.
But very concerned about the future in regards to our pensions and health care after the UK leaves!
Such a worrying time for myself and my wife as we are now pensioners.

Would love to hear from anyone in the area that is in the same situation as us. I have noticed that this site has an events calendar which you can add any events. What would be a great idea if we could all get together in a local bar and have a good ole chin wag!
Then we can add the bar and the date and time on the events calendar?
anyone out there interested?
Our very best wishes.
Bob and Sandra x

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2017-05-05 11:11:27 UTC

Dear Sandra and Bob.
Firstly, welcome to Spain!

Many thanks for joining our forum. Like you we are hoping that people will start to use this once more, as it was very popular in the past.
The Forum was designed for the sole purpose to use for people to get in contact with each other.
We do not allow things to be sold on our Forum ( Like others)
You mentioned our events calendar and you are 100% correct in what you are saying.
It can be used by our members to let people know of any forthcoming events. We welcome owners of local bars to post on our events calendar
letting local people know of what their bar has lined up for the future. Entertainment, Bingo, charity events etc.
Just click the date it is happening and let people know!
It is 100% free to use and you can let all our members know of your forthcoming events.

Anything we can help you with, then please let us know.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:19:10 UTC

Hi Admin

Thats for letting us know. We did try another Forum in the Quesada area, but for too confusing for our old brains!
We will try and help in getting people talking again on here.

Commented virgobob7 in Comunidad Valenciana 2017-05-05 12:29:49 UTC
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