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Pole Instruction for pole fitness


Each Polenastics pole fitness and dance class is generally 1 hour long, and includes a warm up and cool down, pole moves, tricks & floor work. You will also have the chance to learn and perfect pole dance routines, posture and walking exercises.

As a beginner, after an initial introductory chat with your Polenastics pole fitness and dance instructor, (where I will need to know of any injuries or illnesses, your ability, concerns and expectations), you will be put on a pole with either 3 or 4 other ladies of similar ability. You will then be shown some basic pole dance moves and linking sequences which you will practice with your pole buddies. If you are more advanced and have pole experience previously, please let us know when you book in and we can ensure that you are put on a pole with students around the same level.

It is best to wear a t-shirt or vest and tracksuit bottoms or shorts, this is a fitness class and you should be comfortable and able to move without restriction. You are more than welcome to have bare feet or wear heels. Heels will elongate your legs, and make the moves look more elegant. Dancing in heels will also improve tone and definition of your legs, heels will also be useful for the walking exercises. If you do wear heels, please ensure they are not easy to slip on or off your feet and do not have buckles or studs on them. Please note that there is no nudity , lap dancing or stripping at Polenastics classes.

Please do not wear any rings, bracelets or watches as they hinder your grip on the pole and can hurt your hands and damage the poles too. Also please do not moisturise before class, we recommend you leave 3-5 hours between moisturising and a pole dancing class as you will leave residue on the poles and not only will your ability be impaired, but so will the ability of the other students on your pole.

Please bring a bottle of water and a cloth to wipe the pole if you wish

If you have any concerns or more questions please feel free to get in touch, and we can send some more information if required.

You will be provided with more information at your class and will be expected to complete a consent form for health and safety purposes

Classes are 6€ per person



Find a flier bring it to class and get 1€ off your first class


Bring a new friend to class with you and you can both come to class for 5€ each

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