Telephonica /Moviestar

I am trying to cancel my Telephonica landline, but the number 1004 they give on their bills, is of no use.and the number given by staff in the moviestar shop in Guardama is constantly engaged. If anybody has had some luck recently could they please let us know as I have only a week or so left to sort it out.

La Marina

Make sure you keep every bit of paperwork as I have just been billed 178 euros via a solicitor for a Telefonica line I cancelled 7 years ago. I recall it was hard to cancel then but as it was all paid by DD and I heard no more I assumed that all was in order. With that in mind I thought I was safe to shred all the relevant paperwork about 2 years ago but apparently the onus is on me to keep every detail. I have consulted with a solicitor and he says it would cost a fortune to fight it/recover the money and Telefonica has an awful reputation for doing this. (I paid because I got no where complaining and was worried about being taken to court). I am still flipping mad about it.

Commented trashermac in La Marina 2015-10-08 16:22:26 UTC

Succeeded in sorting out Telefonica problem, Took advise from several people and after listening to recorded mess age after dialing 1004 I hung through silence another message came through then silence after three or four silences message started and finished and the word uno sounded ,then pressed button one and got through to human voice asked for English and put through to English speaker problem then sorted. It felt like I had won the lottery ( I am easily pleased)

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-10-09 15:29:20 UTC