Paulinho, How about this for helping the Residents

Yet again a problem occurs on La Marina Urb. and the Residents are the last to know what is happening and why.
This time,and not for the first time it is rubbish collection.
Before the election you were only to quick to tell us that if we have a problem to write it on ASL and you would do your best to sort it. and in most cases you did something.
Suddenly the election was over, you got the job you wanted ,but suddenly became "too Busy" to read ASL, no problem there, but you could of used the Forum when you needed to let the Residents (your employers by the way) of something that was occurring, do you do anything to tell us. NO absolutely zilch.Nada .Nothing. Instead you must of spent ages of your "too busy time" answering the phone and telling residents who came into your office, one at a time what you perceived to be the problem. When all you had to do was to put a comment on ASL (ooops,Sorry I forgot , you are too busy these days)but then, and this is my idea, so don't take the praise for it, Dont you make one phone call to the main town hall and ask the people who operate the town hall web site to put a message on the town hall web-site to tell us (the ordinary punter, what is happening, and keep putting updates on it, to keep us truly informed. This would free up your time to deal with all the other things you claim to be busy with, and the Residents of La Marina Urbs. would not have to listen to pub talk and other crap info.
I understand that you will not read this as you are too busy, unfortunately I am too busy to waste time coming to you, but hopefully someone who is coming to see you can give an idea of what I am saying.
p.s I personally am not complaining about the non clearing of bins this week, unlike most of the Urb. my local bins seem to of been emptied.most of the time.

La Marina

Hi Alan if you live on an urbanisation and your President is a member of the Presidents Association he will have received an e-mail from Tommy the secretary,this e-mail explains the problems with the refuse collection,
The problems are not only confined to La Marina Urbanisation but in the all area.
The place the waste is taken to as been closed by a Judge and the refuse companies are trying to sort another collection site.

Commented david in La Marina 2015-09-26 07:38:08 UTC

I understand what you are saying, But I do not belong to a community, The community nearest me knows nothing about a President for communities presidents so still lots of us are not getting information, and no offence to Tommy but I do not vote for him, so I want the people that are paid by the residents to be answerable to the residents, What I ask for is that information is given to me by the people whose wages I help to pay for. I cannot understand why when the tip was closed and many people complaining of the mess were the bins around my area cleared in fact on Thursday evening the bin lorry was around my area at 20.20 empting bins. I gather on Friday a lot if not all bins were emptied mine was at about 23.30.
I was making a point that why isn't the Town Hall web site used to give us updated info. I understand that not everybody has access to a computer but I am sure one is available to a great majority of them. You must agree the year is 2015. We have a fairly new Urbanisation,which is being run in an old fashioned way,

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-26 08:58:00 UTC

Alan re read my post i never said a president of presidents.
I said if the President was a member of the Presidents Association then he would have received an e-mail from the secretary (Tommy) explaining this.

Commented david in La Marina 2015-09-26 17:33:23 UTC

Yep, a slip of the typing finger by me, My comment should of read secretary of presidents, but it does nothing apart from giving Tommy a wrong title. I still do not have a community president and the president of the community near me still didn't know anything about the presidents association, I still think that the Council putting all important information on the town hall web site would be a good move forward and would give most of us a chance of knowing what the problema are on the Urbs.

Commented Alan in La Marina 2015-09-27 06:18:46 UTC