Perhaps Paulino has some knowledge.

Some things I read puzzle me. I have just read on the Town hall web-site an advert for a temporary position as an ad-min assistant ,In La Marina, not sure if its for mini town hall or council office. or both
Firstly the advert was in Spanish so I may of misunderstood it. But if I did read it correctly,I am puzzled why it did not say "some language/s would be good" before you do the "we are in Spain Lark" those buildings were for the benefit of ex-pats to save them having to go to town ,and A lot of the Staff have a knowledge of English/or other language. and the system was highly praised. but, the fact that it is temporary position and may be a Spanish only speaker, is this the first step to say in a few months that the offices are not being used enough so they are being closed down. I am not trying to start a mini panic, but this council has publicly stated it wants to get the town debt down. Obviously they could well start here.

La Marina

Hi Alan if you are not trying to start a mini panic why mention it you dont know what the job entails as said before 71 different nationalities on the urb why do they have to be English speaking as you said we are in Spain.

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Sorry to of upset you, I was wrong to use the Language used by the majority of people on La Marina, especially as I was writing on an English Forum using all English words and sentences. But if I had named 70 languages you would be on here complaining I was wasting peoples time reading them when most people reading this forum English is their first language. But to make you happy I have change the offending sentences. Have a nice day ......... lol

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