Residencia Application / renewal

Recently stopped by the Traffico & I assume National police near Alicante all papers in order, apart from the original permit/residencia A4 sheet that had been lost by her indoors, I did have a photo copy, however they said it was worthless unless stamped by a Notary…..however I was allowed to continue along with a Denuntia type document from Traffico.
No problem, Off to Elche for a replacement . However it is not quite that simple, they now want even more info, proof of income, health cover etc. prior to issuing a new small credit card piece of paper. Basically looks like Spain is bring back the old rules from the 90’s regards resident requirements. Apparently the law changed 3 weeks ago and proof of income and health cover is now a requirement if you want to live in Spain.

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If you go thought the posts you will find this topic was and has been sorted. If you go to the councillors blog he explains what has changed and what to do now.

Commented Andi in La Marina 2012-05-22 10:48:07 UTC

Pauline and myself have been this morning to renew our Residencias (we had the old ID card version which had expired a little while ago). In summary, you now need to prove that you are in receipt of a UK pension (preferably paid into a Spanish bank account) and that you have adequate health cover (as we already had SIP cards this was deemed to be sufficient). We had to provide original and copy of bank statement showing pension payment, (we gave them from 1st Jan this year upto the current date), original and copy of SIP card, original and copy of passport, we also had to produce an up to date "Padron" as our address has changed (you still need to complete the application form "EX-18" plus the tax form "Modelo 790" to pay the 10.20€ tax). If only one person is receiving a pension, the spouse is also entitled to Residencia, but you must then also take along original and copy of your wedding certificate!!!

If you are not retired, you need to take proof that you are employed in Spain and paying taxes etc (from what I understood of the conversation, you need to produce original and copy of your latest contract of employment &/or last "nomina" (pay slip) or original and copy of your last "Autonomo" payment (if you are self-employed), along with the other documents above.

If you fall outside of these categories, you might have trouble, and I would suggest that you use the services of an expert, or you could come away empty handed.

Good luck!!!!

Commented Peter in La Marina 2012-05-22 11:54:56 UTC

So does this mean that if you are one of the many that are just living in Spain and making an income what ever way you can , then you would find it very hard to get Residencia so could not buy a property?

Commented Charly in La Marina 2012-05-22 13:27:17 UTC

I think Spain is re-introducing a few historic rules and regs. Could be that they are concerned about people working under the radar and not paying their taxes; remember Spain does have some pretty financial issues.

However these rules would not stop you buying property.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2012-05-22 14:00:41 UTC

Why should the police stop you while driving and need to see an A4 size piece of paper,which they already admit,is no proof of identity.I know you have to carry your driving license and passport,but have never read that you have to carry an A4 piece of paper that has no expiry date.If you do perhaps someone can tell me what does it prove (yes i do know that if you got one recently it is a small piece of paper in a plastic case)

Commented Alan in La Marina 2012-05-22 14:16:38 UTC

I wish I had the answer, however when pulled, I find it best to smile and agree with the powers that be in case they find another problem.
Loads of cars being pulled over though, could be on the lookout for something or someone.

Regards the paper, they asked if I was a resident, being a Smart a***, I showed all my car docs including a copy of A4 resdent paper, so could well have been my own fault.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2012-05-22 14:54:42 UTC

Golfer, another reason the police may have asked if you are resident is because if you are then apparently your driving licence should be either spanish or you should have been to trafico to register with them that you live here. It is no illegal to drive on the uk ( EU) licence, but you must inform traffico of you address here. I know someone that had a serious accident here. They werent bother if he was ok, they asked how long he had lived here and when he said 5 years they asked why he hadnt changed his licence or registered his address at traffico. The long and the short of that was, he got a €200 fine!

Commented Nikki in La Marina 2012-05-22 17:24:02 UTC

I think it just a simple spot check. The point of my initial post was about what was now requested when simply trying to get a duplicate residence permit.

Commented Golfer in La Marina 2012-05-22 19:19:13 UTC

Hi good evening, yes you are right. My name is catherine and I promised one of this chat members that I would have the complete information. I got to talk to the Foreign department today, and I will post tomorrow the exact names and procedures to go ahead with the Residencia permit. Bye for now

Commented cjimenez54 in Los Balcones 2012-05-22 19:25:20 UTC

Sorry, I can see that the 1rst part of the information I gave yesterday is missing... so the comment is absolutely not the original one.. I will write it again later ... I am not at home.. sorry again

Commented cjimenez54 in Los Balcones 2012-05-23 19:22:25 UTC

Hi again. Now I hope you will get the full information about residencia renewal. It is true and correct that thigs have changed since the new spanish government took over zapatero. 1) you have to go to bank and get a certificate confirming that any income (pensions, wages etc) are paid into your spanish account. 2) National Health Insurnce : From UK, you should get a form which name is S1. If you cannot, ask for the "old one" Model E121. This is to allow spanish healt insurance (Seguridad Social) to be refunded by UK with the cost of your treatments, medicines etc that you get in Spain. 3) if you do not have the bank certificate or/and the UK Health Insurance documents, then ask your UK consulate in Alicante to help you dealing with that. 4) Once everything is correct, you go to the Oficina de Extranjería (National Police) : they will check your documents, reniew your residencia and give you the credit card sized official new document. I hope this will help you. Sorry again for the delay and other inconveniences.. Bye.

Commented cjimenez54 in Los Balcones 2012-05-25 16:46:28 UTC

Its a pity they dont do this in the UK !!

Commented Souxie in La Marina 2012-05-26 17:52:41 UTC