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Can anyone point me in the direction of a Car Rental company at Alicante airport who do a Full / Full return on their Cars. I got quoted 70 euros charge for fuel on a Fiat Panda on line. This works out at 2 euros a litre for the cars capacity, many thanks.

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Steve, how are you? You won't remember me, I'm sure, but you do know me. (re: your pool)

I have had several dealings with a company called "Wheels in Spain" and I really like their way of working. Firstly, the price they quote is the 'bottom line', there are no hidden extras. Secondly, they meet you at the airport (just outside the door) and hand the car over to you, so no horrendous queues inside the terminal, and thirdly, you can actually speak to/email the owner of the company if there's something you need to discuss.

Trawling through car hire companies on the internet is all very well, but sadly, people often end up paying more than they thought they were going to. For example, some relatives of mine arrived at Alicante and were faced with a long queue at the car hire desk, and they ended up paying 45 Euros to jump the queue!

In answer to your specific point, Wheels in Spain's policy on fuel is that you return the car with the same amount as you took it with.

Good luck!


Commented Geoff in La Marina 2016-02-13 16:30:19 UTC

Hi Geoff, many thanks for this, I will look them up & hope to book a rental with them. Hope you are well, regards Steve

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