Big thanks to the Fiesta Organisers. I only went on Sunday night,, but according to friends, Friday and Saturday were equally as good.
I particularly enjoyed the Dire Straits Tribute and parts of the Queen set, but if I can be a bit picky, I thought the singer was awful, not only was he drunk, by his own admission, but surely there was no need for him to continually swear on stage, especially seeing all the young kids there.
A great firework display as well, but near the end, we were showered with burning embers, a girl next to me had her hair burned, I could smell it, surely there was a faulty firework in there.
But, like I said, well done, the above had nothing to do with the organisers, roll on next year.

Just to show how popular the La Marina Fiesta is I did a couple of clips of last nights event.

Commented Ian in La Marina 2014-08-04 10:09:02 UTC

Big Ed, totally agree with you. The musicians in both bands were absolutely brilliant, but the lead singer with Chess was a disgrace. He made a mockery of Freddy Mercury with his language and poor renditions of the Queen classics.Why did he keep asking why his name was not written in the stars ??? He was so full of himself.
The fireworks were great, but as with other people, we got showered with some embers near the end. All in all I think the Fiesta went very well, but I could not understand why the bars all charged different prices. In fact on Friday night, people were going into Consum to buy cans of lager, so they could drink their own beer.

Commented Tommy in La Marina 2014-08-04 11:59:34 UTC

Thanks Tommy, I'm glad it's not just me having a go at the "Queen" singer, terrible, and he couldn't even hit half of the notes !.
I was buying my drinks from the Posh Palace, they were reasonably priced, just 2 Euros for a large can of Cider, Guiness or Koppaberg, which was only about a 50 cent mark up.

Commented Al Marina in La Marina 2014-08-04 15:18:37 UTC

Shame they never used Greg Lomas, He certainly rocked and entertained the Hogs Head
when I was there. And had everyone up including the Dinosaurs !

Thought he showed the way to what is missing as entertainment in La Marina

Commented FOX160 in La Marina 2014-08-05 06:32:10 UTC

I'm just glad to see acts actually playing instruments rather that the usual run of the mill "backing tape" singers who tend to dominate the "live" music scene around here. I thought Chess were the best act of the whole weekend and we enjoyed them. I agree that the singer did get rather carried away calling the audience at the back "lazy b*****ds" which was not necessary. Well done to the organisers which I guess is not an easy job.

All the best.


Commented Bob Smith in La Marina 2014-08-05 14:01:08 UTC

I thought dire straits tribute band were dire, just like all that had appeared before, all the other acts just used backing tapes and can be seen nightly in Benidorm. I agree that the lead singer of Chess shouldnt have used foul language, but we were at the front and every member of the group were excellent musicians and the singer energised the set. The fireworks were great too. So in our view Chess & the fireworks saved the fiesta, lets hope next year they dont have the dross we had on the first 2 nights

Commented Tom in Quesada 2014-08-05 15:11:27 UTC

How each of us can have differing views of the same thing never ceases to amaze!
Although I didn't go to our Fiesta on Friday night, thought Saturday was really good after the Hard Rock Spanish Band finished leading into the brilliant Flamengo and Dance Troupe then Take That Tribute. Now I am not a Take That fan but thought they did a brilliant job and really entertained and worked hard. They really enjoyed and appreciated the enormous crowd in the square. A credit to themselves and a great night.
On the other hand, Sunday, yes though Dire Straits Tribute, a bit dire. They should really have come out with some rocking Dire numbers but no we had several slow ones. A bit non discript, but yes they could play. Then there was Chess, well, yes again they could play but have to say the singer was no more than embarrassing! He couldn't sing, had no power to his voice, in fact he missed lots out of the songs (having a rest I think). He was either pi*******d or on something. Really rude to his audience and so up his own as**! Many folks around us had the same opinion and couldn't wait for him/them to get off but they really took their time on that one! The fireworks were brilliant, however, the dubious (problem/rogue) firework that scattered red hot 'rain' on everyone possibly could not have been predicted but it made everyone duck and cover their heads!
Overall a good Fiesta but please, please no more Chess! (I love Queen but it was an insult to their memory).
Amazed at the number of people attending each night, people must have come from kilometers around - there are not that many people on La Marina!
On our way back to our house never saw a sole walking or driving to their house - majority must have been visitors.
PS I am not a dinosaur.
Thanks and recognition to the organizers for a thankless task.

Commented Lol in La Marina 2014-08-06 14:26:56 UTC