Winter Heating on Marina del Mar Fase 1

Tonight , 3 Jan 17, it's really cold in our Julia. We're new to the Urb and have tried AC heating , plug-in fan heaters and halogen heaters. None give good levels of heat.
How do those of you who've spent many years in la Marina heat your houses in cold evenings like this and overnight.
Thanks , Sue Hughes

We have a portable gas fire, trouble is it does cause condensation but it's warm. I also have small oil heaters with thermostats on in the bedroom with the door closed it takes the chill off the room. I have a curtain across the arch way ( not sure if it's the same in Julia's ) that leads from the room to the bedrooms I find it keeps the heat in the room better. We have plenty of nice rugs down as well as the tiled floors are cold. Keep warm!

Commented YorkshireLass in La Marina 2017-01-04 07:29:36 UTC

Thanks so much for your help, we bought a portable gas heater today plus gas bottle, so should be warmer tonight !. We paid 45 euros for the gas bottle, do you know if we have to return it to the same shop when it runs out ? also, when we buy a 2nd gas bottle , is it another 45 euros, or cheaper ?
The assistant only spoke broken english, so we didn't really understand. Also, if we have the gas heater on 2/3 hours each night , approx how long will it last ? thanks v much again, really appreciate your advice. Best wishes Sue H

Commented suehughes11 in La Marina 2017-01-04 16:36:44 UTC

Hi Sue. Personally I would not go to the expense of buying another bottle. You can go to any gas provider and exchange. Not sure how much a refill is these days but would have thought around €15 so paying €30 for a bottle is expensive as they are always available for sale.

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-01-04 18:59:49 UTC

Sue you can take the bottle to anywhere that sells the gas they just exchange it for another bottle. There is a guy that comes round fase 1 from memory( I'm in UK at moment so it could have changed) it's Tuesday & Friday around mid morning, if you put your bottle out he looks up the streets ( might be an idea to chain it to something though) however there's plenty of places to buy gas from... petrol station, super valu,ferretaria, etc. With regards to getting a spare,if you are on Facebook join La Marina and Quesada buying and selling, there are usually bottles for sale on there and if not you can put advert in asking if anyone has one, doesn't cost anything.once again from memory the gas should last approx 11 days depending on which setting and length of time. We used to leave the oil heater on all night and the thermostat would kick in when temperature dropped Enjoy your time in La Marina.

Commented YorkshireLass in La Marina 2017-01-05 16:51:43 UTC

Many thanks to you Both, I appreciate your responses.
Please can I ask one final question - we bought a 4200w calor gas heater, but after 3 hours of being switched on, last evening, it cut out. We have since learnt that gas heaters have a 'deoxygenisation programme), and need a certain level of oxygen to work safely. I think our heater cut out as we had all the internal doors closed, so no air/oxygen was circulating. Do you leave the window open a little, or just keep all internal doors open ? I know its a safey device (which is good !), but just wondered how it works for safety purposes. Thanks again, for taking the time to respond. Sue Hughes

Commented suehughes11 in La Marina 2017-01-06 09:28:22 UTC

Sue it has happened to us but not on a regular basis. I believe we just left the door that leads into the kitchen slightly ajar. Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? I plan to bring one next time I come over, although it's not often I stay for the winter like I used to... I prefer the summer lol!

Commented YorkshireLass in La Marina 2017-01-06 14:20:03 UTC

Thanks so much for your advice, still think we prefer the Spanish winter to English winters !
Best wishes for 2017, kind regards,Sue

Commented suehughes11 in La Marina 2017-01-06 19:01:47 UTC