Barclay's Bank

Does anyone know where the nearest Barclay's Bank is?if in fact, there is one!! There was one in Quesada,but that's gone.


Hello to everyone in La Marina and those of us that love the place and of course to La Marina life its nice to be back in contact with everyone again, life has not been the same over the last few months without you all.
I see that the site has a lot more things to be added but at least we have our forum back. I would just like to ask everyone to get registered and tell everyone the forum is back so that we can build our on line community again, and so that I have some one to take to.

Commented twizzlemaid in La Rioja 2017-05-05 12:32:01 UTC

Little late in replying...sorry :-)
But Barclays have been taken over by Caxia bank, so no more Barclays bank..well certainly not in this area, unless someone knows different??

Commented Support in Alicante 2017-05-05 12:35:54 UTC