airconditioning sensors

DLM Innovations together with EKON Industries are pleased to introduce an innovative energy saving device that automatically & wirelessly Powers Off air-conditioning/heater & television (or other remote controlled device) in an unoccupied room to Save Energy.

It is a well known problem that air-conditioning is intentionally left running whist no one is in the room, dramatically increasing your running costs.

This wasted energy will consume a large amount of power adding a substantial amount to your electricity bill and also consequently resulting in damage to the environment.

This is ideal for Hotels, holiday rentals and offices.

The Benefits
Cut Electricity bills by up to 40%

Self Learning IR Remote Control Automatically Turns Off Heating/Air-conditioning and TV when room is left empty for a preset time (15, 30 or 60 min)

Small compact unobtrusive design (6.1cm sq)

DIY - No need for wires or complex installation

Totally wireless, simply fix on wall or ceiling

Effective solution for Green Environment
Low-Cost device with High-Savings

904 units sold within 3 months


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we saved an owner of a villa on their electricity bill 173e compared to last month

Commented davidrichardbillings in La Marina 2011-05-30 16:31:34 UTC