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General Construction and Pool building since 15 years

Celine Construction is a trademark for quality, service and warranty. We are working since 15 years on the Costa Blanca (La Marina and anvironment) and provide ALL services you need. For over 10 years we worked with over 20 subcontractors together they meet fully our quality criteria and with our Guarantee of all works. We specialize in reforms and additions (extension), we build the only earthquake resistant swimming pools with a 15 year warranty. Of course, we also do small jobs at reasonable prices.

Pool building and Pool maintenance

Quality pools

earthquake and waterproof
with 15 years guarantee

We offer quality pool maintenance at reasonable prices, including Residential Service, Commercial Full Service, or Chemical Service only.

We pride ourselves in being "customer oriented",
with special emphasis on the quality of our work,
and addressing any concerns our customers might have.

Customers want more from a pool service than just a clean pool.
They want the assurance of knowing that all their pool equipment is working properly. That their calls with any questions or concerns will be returned promptly. They want confirmation that their pools will be serviced each week as promised.

The bottom line, is that customers want a pool service to be reliable and dependable, and provide quality work at a reasonable price.

If this is what you want, then we're the service for you!

Decoraiting / outside plaster

Since 20 years we are the leader of outside decorating.
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