I'm loving it!!

Great! another opportunity to catch up with whats going on in La Marina.
Thanks Vicky

La Marina


I think this is a great idea and just what we need. I know that we have got other websites and forums for the area but its time we had a more modern site that can offer a lot more. And I also see the advertising is free, that makes a nice change as when you post something on the other forums it gets deleted very quickly. But this one seems to be more for the people. I for one will be using it.

La Marina


I have seen this style of website in other areas of Costa Blanca, I know that there is a big site for Quesada. So it looks like they have come to this area as well.
Great news we do have a forum for La Marina but that's all there is, this site seems to offer a lot more help and advise and you can also advertise for free, which I will be doing now.

So come on my neighbours in La Marina lets get behind this site it will help tell others about this great place that we live

La Marina


This is a new website for the people of La Marina, its FREE of charge to use and offers some fantastic tools for all.
Businesses can advertise FREE as well as those wishing to advertise their properties. Join us TODAY we are apart of the A Spanish Life.com group

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